Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Beauty and the Beast

Stumbled across this photoshoot of Kate Moss (the Beauty) and Naomy Campbell (the Beast) the other day and I just had to share the awesomeness with you. I think those pictures are purely breathtaking! A lot of people always see Kate Moss as someone who has impeccable taste in fashion and always dresses well but cite other models as favourites when it comes to the Beauty department. Well, I consider myself enchanted by Kate Moss ever since and I have a serious girlcrush on her. I think she is stunningly beautiful, has insane facial features and eyes...gosh I just love her. It is impossible to have her in a campaign that looks less than fierce, girlfriend always slays it. Even so in this shoot. Even though I consider Naomi Campbell also a striking beauty (though nothing close to Kate!) I had to call her a beast in this shot because we all know girl has some serious attitude and anger issues (better never encounter her when she has a cellphone in her hands LOLz). Anyways, this photoshoot just proves to me all over again that the "old" league of supermodels is just untouchable by the Cara's, Karlie's and Victoria's Secret's models of this world when it comes to "unique" striking, non-universal pretty photoshoots. It's always the elite of models that strike me the most (though I have to admit Karlie Kloss has striking features...but girlfriend should eat a burger every once in a while!!!).

What do you think of these pictures? Any Kate-maniacs like me?

xx, V


  1. the pictures are amazing! Love Kate Moss too :)
    LG Patrizia

  2. I would rather say the beauty and the beauty ;)

    1. Likewise. Beast is kind of brutal :S They're both beautiful :)

      xoxo G

  3. Here you have a Kate-Maniac! The pictures are so beautiful :)

  4. Ich finde die Bilder sind so unheimlich toll geworden!
    Ich liebe sie!!!
    Kate ist einfach wundertoll :)
    Schöner Blog :)
    Liebe Grüße, Vic