Friday, December 21, 2012

Back to Basics!

So the other day I went to the hairdresser....and gone is the long(er) hair. For my liking they are quite sure, but then's only hair righ?! Right?!! I mean, it could be worse but still, it's gonna take me a while to get that 10cm+ back that I left at the hairsalon. At least the fried ends are gone as well :) And while we're at it....I got rid of the carrot hair! I thought it's about time to go back to my somewhat natural color which is a dark brown. It's almost black now since I had to dye it with black henna or else my hair would've been damanged even more. Thanks to my lighter hair underneath I now have black hair with hints of brown shining through where the coloration wasn't as effective. I kinda like it! Now New Year's can come. I bought a dress on sale the other day after I spent an entire day searching and finding nothing! Well I did find stuff at Primark and bought loads of tights and socks but I was already depressed because I couldn't find THE dress. I already sent back 2 dresses to ASOS and Nelly. So I ended up buying one on sale at H&M and I most definitely have to change it. I want to sew in some sequins and shorten it and also make it "smaller" since I bought it 2 sizes too big (only size left). We'll see how that goes. If everything else fails I guess I'll be rocking that trashbag :-D

xx, V

ps.: Rest of the outfit comes your way tomorrow!

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  1. lovely outfit primark clutch ? xo anouk