Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ho Ho Ho...there's too much snow!

Yaaaaayyyyy I finally made it to Tschööööööööööööööörmaniiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)
After one hell of a trip followed by cancellations, delays and ice cold weather and snow I am finally reunited with my babies aka my sisters and brothers. Gosh I missed them so much and they grow up so fast! It took me some time though to adjust to not being in Sweden anymore. A lot of things are different here....for starters: as soon as there is a bit of snow, its like the apocalypse coming! Germans in the north somehow never get it together in terms of transport. Roads are slippery, trains are delayed, tons of accidents (anyone still on summer tires on the highways?!). So right now I am trying to get as much rest as possible as I've been suffering from headaches the last days and still have a slight cold...and yes, I know taking pics outside without a big fat jacket might not be the smartest thing but I swear, I was only out for 2 minutes and thank god its not below 0 degrees here! I am in a christmas mood already, thanks to my mums xmas lights hanging in the house and in the garden. Unfortunately, her Santa-sleigh and Rudolph figures didn't make it this year as the lights seemed damaged....but thats only a minor mishap with my mum who covers the entire house in lights and christmas decorations haha And I love the smell of cookies and tea. Just last night me and my mom watched and old black and white Xmas movie with Barbara Stanwyck in the lead and drank Apple/Cinnamon tea while eating gingerbread. That's the spirit of christmas I tell ya. Forget about presents...its the food that makes it for me haha

xx, V


  1. Obwohl ich es sonst meide brauntöne mit schwarzer Kleidung zu mischen gefällt mir die Kombination mit deinem 'Hut' sehr gut!!! Gelungenes Outfit!

  2. Wow, you look really amazing!!
    Love your fur beanie :)

  3. Finds schön! Ich liebe deine Beine die sind sowas von ein Traum. Die Schuhe bringen sie toll in Geltung!

  4. Oh my gosh girl. You look like a Victoria's Secret model. You are so beautiful. Gosh...chills :D!


  5. uuuh vacation suits you ;) looking good, and so love your furry hat!!!