Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bright Lights

What you see here is basically the only thing that I picked up in the battle of after xmas sales in Hanover. It was like a war zone! So many people, so rude, such immensly long queues....I just couldn't be bothered. No matter where I went, Primark, Zara (the worst!!), Mango, H&M...they all gave the same picture. Let's put it that way: there were absolutely no signs of an economic crisis going on. So what did I pick up? Most beauty stuff. I managed to spend 140€ on that. I bought some small presents for my roomies (hope they like!) and this dress from Gina Tricot. It was on sale for 10€ and I was drawn to it for the color. It's a neon green-ish yellow. They shoes are from Zara though I ordered them online like 2 weeks ago as I want to wear them for New Year's eve. Along I ordered a studded Jacket which you will see in upcoming outfit posts. I will also make a post about my beauty purchases as I think one or the other might be interesting for you guys and I also want to do reviews since I picked up new things as well.

Clutch: Primark
Rings: Vintage, YSL, Asos
Scarf: Primark
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

xx, V


  1. Me encanta tu look, esta super chic!!

  2. This chick looks good with color. Bring it on!

    xoxo G

  3. LOVE the dress, amazing color!! :)