Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cake Pops

The other day I made cake pops for a university project in visual communication. Now you might wonder why baking for a project about visuals?! Well, me and my group came up with a brand derived from the famous Tiffany & Co. brand that makes desserts and we are only allowed to use our own pictures for the visual campaign for that fictive brand. So I spent quite the time here in Germany baking and by the time I am done (still some cupcakes to go!) I won't be in the mood for baking for a looooong time:

Generally the recipe for cake pops sounds quite easy. Just make some cake (u can also use a mixture from the supermarket I guess) and then crumble the cake. I then went on and used a tiny amount of soft butter and a tea spoon of Nutella to make the mixture more sticky in order to form the balls. Since my dough was already quite moist I didn't have to go overboard. If u use too much soft ingredients, the pops will turn out to be creamy like they've already been chewed instead of giving that cake feeling. Anyways, I already had a hard time forming the cake pops. But after I managed to do so I put them in the freezer until they were really hard and once that happened you can just melt the chocolate, glaze it over the cake pops and decorate them. Well kinda easy like I said but for some reason my white chocolate decided to be bitchy and especially runny which made the whole thing a mess and a pain in the butt!!! Unfortunately 2 cake pops came of the stick so I guess its just a cake ball haha Anyways, in the above pic you can see the result. I think they look ok and most importantly, they taste delicious!!

Love, V