Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's my secret!

Even though I arrived way too late at Copenhagen Airport, I took the time to buy me some small treat at Victoria's secet since I don't really get the chance to shop there very often! I also ended up buying a small bottle of perfume there for my sis, whose bday is today even though she's already way to spoiled. For myself I ended up with a body splash smelling of honeysuckle and jasmine and I am in heaven with this scent. It smells so fresh and clean, like right out the shower on a summer day. I love those scents that do not smell overpowering and this one is just divine. And the fact that 2 other women bought exactly this one in only 5 min that I was in the store says a lot right?! Anyways, time is passing by so quickly and Xmas approaches fast. Today I hope I finish most of my school stuff so that I can find the time making some sugar cookies with frosting together with my siblings. I really enjoy baking stuff when I am with my family. On Saturday I'll be making a red velvet cake with butter frosting for my sisters' bday party. I hope I'll find the time to post some pictures and post them here since the cake is actually not that hard to make but super delicious :-)

xx, V

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  1. Oh i love Victoria's Secret! I got several body mists and some cute underwear! ♥