Saturday, December 22, 2012

Furlicious meets Stones! is finally snowing again as you might be able to detect in these pics! I can't stress enough how annoyed I was when the weather all of a sudden decided to change from minus 2 to plus 9 degrees. I mean seriously, that is just crazy! And christmas is not the same without snow. At least in my book. So fingers crossed the snow lingers this time. After xmas I don't really care anymore and wouldn't mind temperatures close to 20 degrees haha Here you see my newest purchase apart from the clutch. The other day I was at primark and I ended up buying this Rolling Stones Sweater on Sale for just 5€!!! Can u believe that store?! Anyways, lucky me I say. I paired it with my favourite fake leather skirt from Forever 21. Not that I'd had many options, I basically arrived here without any clothes at all! So 2 more days until christmas. I hope all of u already did their shopping and can stay away from the madness that usually occurs during the last shopping day before the festivities!

Lots of love and a lovely weekend, V


  1. Deine Haare sehen unglaublich gut aus! Und der Lippenstift dazu, wow! :)

  2. cooles Outfit, ich liebe den Lederrock!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, just purchased it there this week :)
      Love, V