Monday, December 3, 2012


Last Friday I spent in Stockholm due to a research project on Fashion Retailing for university and I can assure you guys this is one hell of a pretty city. I fell in love instantly and would move there in a bit if I'd the chance. Though I must admit the fieldtrip itself was extraordinary exhausting. In total it must have been at least 11 hours on the bus and by the time we arrived in Stockholm temperatures dropped below zero and there was a snowstorm going on. But in all honesty I didn't mind the snow one bit as I've been eager for days to experience the first snow this winter and kind of was a no brainer that I wouldn't encounter the first snow in rainy Boras! The entire city of Stockholm (at least I guess so ha!) was covered in white and the streets were decorated with christmas lights and shop windows looked amazingly inviting. It was just magical. Almost as pretty as in my beloved Vienna! So we spent the day enjoying some amazing food (Vapiano for lunch duh!) and did a little shopping. I came to realize that Urban Outfitters is even more epic than I remembered and I just found an epic present for my girl Nina. I really hope she likes it! All in all it was an exciting day and I can't wait to get back to Stockholm asap. Btw excuse the lack of quality in the photos as these were taken with my phone cam.

xx. V

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  1. stockholm looks beautiful but i guess i would prefer to wait for the summer to visit the city!