Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome to my Winter Wonderland

Seems like Winter finally found its way to Borås! The last days its been snowing like crazy and the entire town is covered in white. FINALLY! It was about time. The rain was just too much. But you know, with snow comes icy temperatures. These pics were taken around lunchtime with 10 degrees below zero. My fingers were freezing until they looked like raisins! I might take up on Sandys idea to wear 2 pairs of gloves hehe Slowly but surely I am really getting into the christmas spirit and I can't wait to go home on Sunday and eat Christmas cookies and drink Punch...MAJOR YUM! And you know, in 19 days its Xmas. This year has passed by so quickly I can't believe. And so much stuff happened. My cousin gave birth to the cutest baby, I graduated from University, moved to Sweden to pursue a career in fashion, I've met so many cool new people...I guess good things pass by quickly in general what?! So a couple more days and I sit in a plane direction south. I hope there won't be a snowstorm so my flight is on time since I have to change aircraft in Copenhagen. Until then, I have a lot to do for university and still need to buy xmas presents and pack my suitcase. If u know me, then u know that I have a serious anxiety of packing. I always do it at the last minute. Fingers crossed I don't forget anything hehe Ok, now back to business....

xx, V


  1. Where did you buy that lovely bag? Thanks!

  2. voll süß! liegt ja richtig schnee bei dir- hier ist noch nix :)

  3. Wow deine Haarfarbe ist wunderschön! Bei mir läuft gerade eine Blogvorstellung vielleicht magst du ja mitmachen?

    Electric Feel

  4. Ich muss dir echt mal ein Kompliment machen. Du hast richtig schöne Beine.
    Machst du Sport?
    Liebe Grüße