Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And the Parade goes on...

And there he is again...my new black sweater. Boy, such an excellent purchase and so many ways to wear it. I would say these 199SEK wear very well invested. What do you think? This time around I added some "color" into my outfit by wearing my beloved neonpink-white-ombreish Jeansminiskirt that I purchased last year from Zara! I like that it gives my outfit an edge and at the same time adds fun to my sometimes monotone style of black clothing yet it still reamins V-coolness (ok actually I'm quite nerdy but let's just pretend I am a badass cool high fashion chick LOLz). These shots were taken by my lovely roommate Sandy...believe it or not..at a - wait for it - graveyard! In your face HA! What can I say, we live in a very "special" secluded area and the graveyard here is just so pretty with all the nature...kind of like an gigantic garden. Plus the sun was shining and you can only walk for so long in heels u know ;-)
So tomorrow will be - more or less - my last day of university before I am heading right back into the weekend. I must say, such short working weeks are kind of intriguing...for my liking, these could happen way often haha

xx, V


  1. Your hair and outfit is so beautiful! Love it :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. love the outfit ! xo anouk www.rockthiscocostyle.com

  3. krass wie hoch du springen kannst. :D