Friday, October 26, 2012

Don't Rain on my Parade!

TGIF Ladies! :-)
Yesterday I was at the Show Up Fashion Award Show for up and coming young designers and boy there was shitloads of talent right there. I saw a lot of clothes from the runway that I would wear effective immediately!!! Unfortunately I didn't make it all to the end when the winner of the Fashion Award was declared. It is so frikkin cold here in Sweden and I had to go home because I was freezing to I have a lot of school work to do. And if u know me, u know, I usually only function properly under time pressure...well ladies, I am under immense time pressure here. I am supposed to read and learn 2 books until next Friday and prepare this major presentation for the Ljung Business Case that I am writing with a bunch of other lovely ladies from my university. And my motivation levels for learning these 2 books could actually be higher, frankly speaking....however, as per usual, I am getting distracted wayyyy to much by other things. For example, ever since I re-discovered "The Outnet" I am wondering if I should buy that fierce leoprint dress by Markus Lupfer and that amazing grey skirt by Michael Kors (both extremely discounted). In addition they have that amazing black leather belt from ACNE. Oh and did I mention that Nelly had this super amazing stunningly pretty Filippa K black leather bag?! Jeez....where's the money trees when u need them?! But a nice black leather bag is definitely on my "to-buy" agenda of the moment. High quality is the keyword. I want something I can carry around all my life and we all know that's not gonna happen with a H&M/Gina Tricot bag! Hmm....maybe I should just order the bag?! Buth then again, I also saw this pretty black coat and sweater at Nelly....Oh my, shopping addiction all over again :D But hey, I really really need all those things right?! RIGHT?! hahahahahaha

xx, V


  1. I love your outfit! The sweater and heels are pretty :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. Hahaha ja Du brauchst sie :D hilft ja alles nichts!!!

  3. The title of your post is so cute yet fierce...Time for a PARADE!!!

    xoxox Gozika