Friday, October 19, 2012

Fight in the Rain

So the rain is back. And with a venegance at that! It was almost impossible to take pictures! But then again, I had to show u guys my newest purchases....aka the green Beanie and my absolutely fierce new dress that I purchased from Lindex for only 200SEK! I love how they color coordinate together. And well the Beanie, I had to have it! ASOS has it in all colors of the rainbow but the green one striked me the most! Especially since it goes wonderfully with my red hair :-) Today I have a lot of University stuff to do but also I need to catch up on some much needed sleep as I couldnt sleep last night for some weird reason. Usually I am the freezing kind, meaning that I am more than willing to pay shitloads of money just so that I can keep the heater on 24/7 during wintertime...last night however, I felt so hot, I had to sleep with both windows open (temperatures were maybe 2-3 above zero!!!) and without a blanket cuz I felt like I was burning alive....what is that supposed to mean? Am I going crazy....yikes! :-D But maybe it was just the cinnamon firing me up after the 10 cinnabun rolls I ate hahaha maybe I shouldnt do that again LOLz

xx, V

ps.: TGIF!!! Hell to the yeah! Gothenburg I am coming for you!


  1. Love, love, love the last shot <3!!!!!!!

    XOXO Gozika :P

  2. Richtig tolles Outfit!:) Gefällt mir total♥
    Lust mir zu folgen? Gewinnspiel läuft auch gerade, mach doch mit!:)