Sunday, October 21, 2012

I bare it all in my chest...

Just another rainy day in Boras...that is! This time it poured so heavily, I almost couldnt look straight into the camera as you might can see haha Anyways, I wore my Gina Tricot shirt with the chest print, my beloved Fashion against Aids Jeansshorts, lots of Jewelry and of course my hat. I think if i could, I would wear it to sleep hehe So today I have a shitload of stuff today since I've been playing lazy ass the entire yesterday (u know, watching TV, a movie, chit chat with the roomies, grocery shopping...the list of distraction is endless!) today I have to finish a seminar paper which must be one of the most boring things to do, I always have a war in my mind to quote Lana haha But what I am looking forward to...SHOPPING! One of the things I love about Sweden, there is always some place u can shop on a Sunday. So today we go furniture and decoration shopping for our respective rooms and then I need to go to this one shop where they have all this gimmicky stuff like funny notebooks and mugs, etc. And you know, I am a hard supporter of the "I'll never grow up" fraction so of course I like fun stuff like that LOLz

Happy Sunday y'all, V


  1. voll süß :D Ich will auch shoppen. :D Ich warte schon auf das Ende des Monats...

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    1. very beutiful this blog..i'm fallow u....
      and....sorry for my english!!!

  3. Lucky you that you can shop on a Sunday!!! I´m also a supporter of the never grow up fraction. Awesome stylish look. Yeah and I´m really grateful for all the great swedish shops. If you like we can follow each other. Just leave a comment on my blog and I´ll follow you back <3


  4. Schönes outfit ! Dein Shirt ist total cool (:

  5. love this look! great legs,girl!