Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: LUSH 'Retread' Conditioner

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So recently I reviewed LUSH's 'Big' shampoo and now it's time for this little magic pot of conditioner. I already hinted in the last Review that I really love this conditioner and well folks, I do! This is so different from all the regular drugstore conditioners out there and I feel like it's the only one that can actually really make my split ends disappear to some extent while not weighing my hair down and making it greasy! So what is in it?
-seaweed and lanolin as a base
-soy milk for proteins in your hair
-olive, jojoba and avocado oils for nutrition
-melon juice and yoghurt to add shine

I really like that this conditioner does NOT contain any silicones, which in the long run usually damage your hair more than they actually help! On another note, while in the shower, this might not give you the typical conditioning effect which instantly makes your hair feel soft which can tempt you to use more than you actually need. This conditioner's effect is most visible once you rinse out the water and even more so once your hair is dry. It makes my brittle, damaged ends so soft and my hair is left smelling divine (though I heard the smell is not everyone's cup of tea!). I really recommend this conditioner for dry hair that has been a bit neglected and tortured due to colorations and heat styling tools! So far I've used 3 of these whenever I feel my hair needs that little extra treatment and it has never let me down. Definitely one of my staple, go-to products from LUSH. And even though it's on the pricey side it lasts ages because you need so little for every hairwash. You can easily get 3-4 months out if it! (at least I do!).

What hair treatments do you guys use? Any recommendation?

xx, V

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