Saturday, October 27, 2012

Show up Fashion Show Borås

some delicious carrot cake for in between the show :-)

It was freezing cold!
Here are some snapshots from the fashion award show. Unfortunately I can't provide any real good pictures (these were all taken by cellphone) as silly me left the charged battery for the camera at home. You guys can't imagine how pissed I was (even though it doesn't show in the pics hehe) since I even put a post it on my pinboard to remind me to put the battery back into my cam after I was at this cool event and didn't even get to take proper pictures even though the designs on the runway were so cool...meh! Another letdown was that at the fashion show they handed out goodie bags and mine was the only one hat missed the eyeshadow palette provided by sponsor Nelly. Kind of sucks...then again I just pretend it is bad quality anyways! So this week I guess I won't be able to post too much as I have these giant exam ahead of me and I still haven't started learning...jajajajaja...i have a motivation problem until I have a time problem...story of my life folks :-)

 xoxo, V

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