Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: LUSH Big Shampoo


So I recently ordered Lush's Big Shampoo from the british online shop (even with 9€ shipping its cheaper than ordering it from the swedish hp) together with their 'Retread' conditioner and so far I've used the shampoo 2 times. So this is rather a first impression review and if my opinion might change I'll update you on my thoughts on this shampoo :-)
So what is Big shampoo made of: The main ingredient is sea salt and you can really feel big chunks of salt in the shampoo. I guess it is also supposed to clean your scalp and maybe work as some sort of peeling? Plus it is known that sea salt usually gives you loads of volume and that effortless big beach hair. In order to not dry out your hair they added seaweed and coconut and lemons to add lots of shine.

So how do I like it so far?
Well the pro's are definitely that it makes my hair feel much softer and cleaner. When you wash your hair you instantly feel that it does do something to it and that it is left squeaky clean. In addition it does make my hair a lot fluffier if that makes any sense?! Plus the smell...what can I say. It is divine fellas! And it lingers on your hair!!! Since my hair is damaged from coloration it definitely needs the best care it can get and so far I feel like the shampoo does do some magic in making it less dry even though it is mostly made out of sea salt! I also feel like my hair is much more manageable when blowdrying it (especially my bangs!) and that it has a lot more shine to it! So these are the benefits of the shampoo. What I don't like about it is the fact that I feel like it washes out my red haircolor a lot! Probably because of all the sea salt! Since I do not necessarily want to color my hair again as this would probably kill it for good this is some kinda issue for me. After two washes I do have some almost blondes streaks of hair were the color almost entirely came off. So I really think you should consider that when your hair is some superbright color! Another thing is that it does make my hair fluffy and more lightweight but I am seeing nothing of the advertised 'Big' volume that it is supposed to give?! Maybe my hair is just too heavy? Anyways these are my opinions so far and I'll keep you updated! A Lush shampoo I can most definitely recommend for hyper-mega shine is 'Cynthia Sylvia Stout' :-) 
Do you use Lush for your haircare? And if so, what products? Recommendation?

xx, V

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