Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's in my Bag?

Gosh....what us women be without our bags, right?! I once heard that in a lifetime, women spend approximately 1 year of their lifes just searching for something in their bags....dunno if it is true but even half as much would just be crazy haha Then again, don't we always carry our entire lifes with us in a bag?! I always wonder how guys just do with only their wallets and cellphones! I mean, I feel like I need so much more throughout a day haha So here is what I usually carry with me at all times:
- Mango quilted bag (my favourite at the moment!)
- My Mango wallet  with lot's of space for cards...exactly what I need
- My Clinique facial powder as my face always becomes shiny throughout the day no matter what
- A Notebook (addicted to notebooks btw haha) and a pen (this injection one is from my old  university)
- My keys, attached to my lovely swarosvki keychain :-)
- My cellphone (duh!)
- A nailfile....I get crazy when my nails break and I can't file them!!!
- Lipgloss/Lipbalm and cuticle cream as my cuticles dry out like crazy during fall and winter
- Handcreme is an absolute MUST! for me
- Sunglasses and my normal glasses (yes, technically I am almost blind hahahahahaha)

So what do you always carry around with you at all times?

xx, V


  1. Love your bunny iPhone case!

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. I'm always carrying my cellphone, makeup, my wallet, my keys & sometimes sunglasses <3 :)!!... leave me a comment on