Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Black Sweater Parade

Pinching my cheeks haha happens a lot to me lately LOLz

Hej Girls,
just a quick glimpse of how I wore my black sweater today while strolling through the park. I decided to have some kind of challenge the next days on how to wear a black sweater in different ways. You already saw yesterday's outfit which was more polished and hippie-ish and today's outfit is more sporty and comfy. As you've probably noticed by now...I love the color black hehe Looking in my closet one could assume I am an EMO cuz black is the overpowering color haha Anyways, it is soooo nice to finally have the sun come out and I wish the weather would stay like this until...let's say December 9th. That's when I am leaving for Germany to go on Xmas break and be with my family :-)
Btw, aren't my new sneakers fierce, fierce, fierce?! I just love them. And they are so comfy! Got them on sale on ASOS. Maybe you're lucky and they still have them!

Happy Sunday, V


  1. tolles outfit.
    der sweater ist genial, echt hübsch :)

  2. I love your outfit! The beanie and shoes are amazing! :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  3. Tolle Kombination! Sieht super aus,

    vielleicht guckst du mal auf meinem DIY-Blog vorbei,

    Johanna von