Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I can eat...

...well let's put this straight. I love food and I ain't one of those girls that pretends she feels stuffed after one bite of food. I can eat shitloads of stuff. Heck, I can even eat more than my dad. It's like my stomach is a bottomless pit :-D So what did I do today? I ATE 10 CINNABUNS! Yes you're reading right!!!! Cinnabuns or as the swedish may call it kanelbullen are very popular where I live now. They're probaby the Apfelstrudel of Sweden. And you can get them at every corner and even frozen. So yeah, I bought a pack of frozen ones today and like a lil' kid I ate them all at once. That's just how I am haha Fun fact, I don't even feel full at all, if I'd have some left I could probably eat more LOLz

xx, V


  1. I am a witness to this act!!!!!!

  2. My idea for the upcoming weekend: the two of us eating shitloads of cinnamon buns and cakes in city center and drink coffee!! Date? ;)