Monday, October 8, 2012


So in a recent Beauty post I hyped Urban Decay's "Naked" Palette and while I do love love love my palette...recently MAC got back onto my eye :-) And with that I mean 2 colors especially that actually are my alltime favourites my back and, as I just discovered a couple days ago, match perfectly. I mean seriously perfect. Like match made in heaven style. Guys if anyone would ask me what is the best autumn eyemake up...this is the best of ALL TIME! At least in my book. So what colors am I talking about and how do I apply them? Well my sole fav by MAC is the color "Club" which is on the left in the picture. It's a colorchanging eyeshadow, depending on application and lighting the color can be a rusty golden brown, a darkish muddy green and even some seablue hints are in there. I just adore this eyeshadow. I apply this all over my lid and basically around my entire eye (UD Primer Potion underneath!) and make sure its a really "thick" layer of color so that the full effect of it comes to light. Then I go into my second favourite MAC shadow, Satin Taupe (classic!), and with a blending brush I put this in my crease and blend it in with the Club eyeshadow. This warms the color up even more and just gives you the most beautiful color-combo. I also apply the eyeshadow underneath the eye to also blend the Club shadow there. Then all I use is a pencil eyeliner on my waterline and some volumizing mascara (Clinique High Impact!) and got the perfect autumn eyelook. I actually wore this makeup in Saturday's outfitpost and maybe my roomie can do an eyemake-up snapshot of it the next time I wear this make-up!
What are your fall eyeshadow colors? And do you put more emphasis on the eyes or the lips during fall?

xx, V

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