Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Sweater

Another day....same sweater :-) Guys I am soooooo hippie happy...the weather is treating me so nice these days. I mean yeah we had the typical rain day in between but today the sun is just shining, not a single cloud. Same as yesterday. I had to take a tour with my bike and discover the are where i live even more and I must say I like what I see. Sweden definitely has a lot of pretty nature to offer! So the rest of my week will be filled with work for university and hopefully my roomie Milla and I manage to get some Fika this week (swedish term for having coffe and cake/biscuits) and I also want to go out and party, maybe on Saturday. Oh yeah and on Sunday there is Formula 1 again...guys the weeks are just flying by I tell you! Not that I mind though, the sooner December arrives the sooner I get to see my lovely family, shop madly at Primark and Zara and eat delicious food since my mum will be cooking for me everyday HA! That's what live's supposed to be LOLz

Ps.: Got my LUSH order today, bought "BIG" shampoo and "Retread" conditioner, will do a review soon (already know that the conditioner works wonders though haha)

xx, V


  1. Beautiful outfit! I really love your sweater, pants and hat.

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. lässiges outfit! die hose ist sehr toll und die haare passen perfekt als farbkleks ;)


  3. Love ur hat and your pants!
    Is the pansts DIY?